C3X is a revolutionary, natural, fat burning program.

In combination with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, C3X will help you “lose waist” and gain health!

  • Increase metabolism and burn fat
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Reduce Cravings for Sugar
  • Nutrients designed to give you energy
  • Improve exercise results
  • Non-thermogenic: Won't stimulate your nervous system
  • No jitters
  • First combo supplement that enhances your metabolism in three ways!
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Increase energy levels naturally.

The revolutionary C3X metabolic activator was developed by a leading cardiologist and clinical nutritionist to not only effectively burn body fat, but also support overall health and well-being with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Burn the fat from your waist. Every inch lost will reduce your overall-body fat by approximately 7 percent.

It has been scientifically proven that excessive body fat is hazardous and leads to heart disease and cancer. Fat provides a place for harmful bodily toxins to store. By decreasing fat, toxins will be depleted as well.

The C3X program includes five components:

Appetite control supplements; nutritional, balanced diet recommendations; suggestions for moderate exercise; the C3X metabolic activator; and the C3X meal-replacement powder and snack bar.

Healthful Hints

Always measure your waist at the belly button.

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Product Facts

Is your whey protein safe?

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